West to the Fair City Quilters in Sandwich, Illinois

I’m having problems keeping up at the moment but never mind?

Better a few days late with a blog post and pictures than never?

I loaded up the car on Monday afternoon and headed west on US-34 to Sandwich. When we moved to the States back in 1995, there was a whole lot of open space between Naperville and Sandwich… things have changed! I lost count of the Targets, Home Depots and other big box stores I drove past on the way. With all the growth comes construction… five miles or so of the route is currently undergoing transformation to four lanes. It will be nice when it’s done!

I allowed plenty of time for the journey so I was all organized in plenty of time for the meeting. The Fair City Quilters are a friendly group, as you can see…I tried to fit them all in the picture but I’m still missing a few.We enjoyed some Lessons Learned While Quilting before there was a chance to take a closer look at some of the quilts I had with me.And then it was time for Show and Tell.

Sandwich is known as the Fair City for the county fair that has been held the week after Labor day since 1888. Many of the guild members had had quilts and other needle crafts in the show and won lots of ribbons. We were treated to a super display of some of the entries amongst the evening’s offerings.

A quilt for a child in Florida,A sophisticated pineapple log cabin quilt,Another one made for a child,and another one!This one was made using a pattern from Sue Pawlowski, #didyoumakeaquilttoday.and this one got a blue ribbon.Not everything was big. Here’s a seasonal table runner, ready for use.This was rescued from a mother’s garage.and then this is a painted barn quilt from a class with Suzi Parron who wrote the book Following the Barn Quilt Trail.The last quilt of the evening was a long time in the making, made from old clothes, a vintage bed sheet and tied to finish it.I’m going to be returning to Sandwich in the New Year for a walking foot quilting class. We haven’t fixed a date yet but I’m already looking forward to it!


  1. Sue H said:

    Looks like loads of fun!

    October 22, 2017

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