Catching up… quilting in Sandwich and a baby shower!

It’s been a super busy ten days since I last wrote. Let’s play catch up?

We should start thirty something miles west of home in Sandwich with the Fair City Quilters. I visited them last  October to share my Lessons Learned While Quilting lecture but it was harvest time so a workshop just wasn’t going to work. There’s not a lot to be done in the fields in February!

We had a super day exploring Walking Foot Quilting – Beyond the Ditch in the classroom at the Sandwich Fire Department.It was good to be able to take a selection of quilts with me, something that’s easier when I drive.After our workshop I drove home in a snow shower to find preparations in progress for our second baby shower of the year.

Everything was ready for brunch on Sunday to celebrate Sarah and Jame’s eagerly expected baby (due the beginning of April). Lauren and Joanne were able to join us so it was time for a picture of the three pregnant ones!

Here are (left to right) Sarah, Joanne and Lauren,  all blossoming nicely.Julia and I needed to join in 🙂We had a few more than in January for our brunch.

There was a good looking crowd in the dining room,and by moving a few pieces of furniture around we managed to fit in another long table across the hallway.

Looking left,and looking right.Well nourished we played a game of matching babies with their celebrity parents before Sarah opened a beautiful selection of gifts.Bingo cards kept everyone involved!

One of the quilts I had managed to finish the week before was for baby Redford. I used fabrics from the Lambkin collection by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics.

I think Sarah liked it.
Good times! Now we just have to wait patiently for some babies to arrive.

Saturday found me in Sandwich. Sunday was the shower. On Monday Steve dropped me at Midway to get a flight to Orlando.

I’ve always wondered who gets to fly from gate B1. On Monday it was me!But just for old times sake I did take a walk down to B26…After all I knew I was going to be sitting on the plane for a few hours. I was headed South to spend a week with the Peace River Quilters Guild. We’ll continue the story tomorrow!