Illinois Quilters Inc.

A new camera cable arrived in my mailbox today. What would I do without online shopping?

So I have uploaded my pictures and now I can share my visit to the Illinois Quilters Inc. of Wilmette and surrounding area with you!

We went to dinner at the Californian Pizza Kitchen before the meeting. I seem to remember it was very cold outside, but the pizza was good and I arrived at our meeting place ready to go…

I displayed a couple of quilts to allow for a close inspection,and arranged a table for the enjoyment of the guild’s enthusiastic shoppers!There was a little business and then show and tell.

I’m always drawn to a blue and brown quilt.This one was double sided. Ombre rail fence on one side,and modern explosion on the other side from Bill, the kilted quilter.There was a story to this one, but it’s been two weeks…Who doesn’t love a Judy Niemeyer quilt?
A short break and then my turn. I’ve put one picture at the top of today’s post but it doesn’t show the folk on the right hand side of the room. We can put that right easy enough 🙂We enjoyed some flower quilts together during my Language of Flowers talk. I had a selection of Jane Sassaman’s latest fabrics for some lucky prizewinners.

That was Thursday.

On Friday we met again for a Folk Art Embroidery class. Just one picture but people worked well and if the amount of shopping going on is anything to go by I think they had a good time!The snow was holding off and I headed out again on Saturday for a day of Happy Scrappy Improv. Machines and scrap heaps in action…By the end of the day the students had their work arranged on their design walls in various stages of completion, or not…

Some very skinny strips in this one.Alternate gridwork in progress here.A nice selection of blocks in a controlled palette,and a lovely scrappy array of blocks to be set together for a colorful little quilt.Just time to clear up and head home. Thanks to the guild members for a super few days of stitching fun. I’m looking forward to some pictures of finished projects?


The snow held off until Sunday morning. We’ve had several snow events since then. Here’s our back yard at its best, last Sunday afternoon.It’s all melting now but I have been stitching… I have finished two quilts. I need some help to take pictures and then I’ll show them to you. Butterflies anyone?


  1. Yvonne Hogan said:

    Great pictures.
    I was a member of IQI in the mid 80’s – mid 90’s.
    So good to see it is still around.
    After living in Phoenix for 20+ years, and finally retired, I am once again quilting.
    I found a wonderful group of 20+ ladies. Small by comparison (smile).

    Thank you for posting the photos and a walk down memory lane.

    June 6, 2020
    • catherineredford said:

      I’m glad to hear you have a group of quilting friends again. Happy stitching!

      June 6, 2020

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