I have assembled a gallery of some of my work since 2012. I have blogged about each piece over the years but here is a quick look at my eclectic style. Enjoy!

Cruise in Stitches

My designs for embroidery classes at sea with Sew Many Places.

DSC00273 IMG_0290

Folk Art Stitches

Designs inspired by folk art from around the world. The designs are not available for sale but I love to teach you how to transfer your own!

IMG_2795 IMG_2799 IMG_4563 IMG_4572


Embroidery Sampler

My own sampler design, printed on Kona cotton. Made unique with your choice of thread and stitches.

IMG_3442 IMG_3410   IMG_1257 IMG_1259 DSC02240 DSC02204

Yo-yo mama!

Made using Clover yo-yo maker and Kanzashi flower makers

IMG_3600 DSC08383 DSC09458 DSC04858IMG_3189

Fused backgrounds

My designs for small items and trading cards.

IMG_3620 IMG_3722 IMG_3720 DSC02017  DSC02530 DSC03157

Modern Quilts

I have enjoyed exploring the modern aesthetic over the past few years. Many, but not all, are my designs.

IMG_4004 IMG_4771  DSC00131 DSC00133    DSC01385 DSC01388 DSC01391 DSC01393 DSC03241 DSC03237 DSC03918 DSC03373DSC04880 DSC04883 DSC04920 DSC06474DSC06471 DSC06473 DSC06644 DSC06640DSC08619 DSC08316 DSC08747 DSC08749DSC08660 DSC08680 DSC09500 DSC00269 DSC08738 DSC08742 DSC07419 DSC00271 catherineRedford_springInTheCity catherineRedford_springInTheCity_close IMG_1046 IMG_1053 IMG_0024 IMG_0018 DSC08817 IMG_0436IMG_0601 IMG_0459 IMG_2233 DSC01208 IMG_2532 IMG_2170 IMG_3508 


I enjoy adding beads to my quilts.

DSC02680 DSC02690 DSC02667  IMG_4268DSC02477 DSC02480 IMG_0837

Crazy Quilting

A more contemporary version of a very traditional pastime.


 English Paper Piecing

Hexagons and clamshells… with a modern twist.

DSC01054 DSC01056 DSC08248 DSC07565DSC05282 DSC05525 DSC05526 DSC05829DSC06621 DSC06622 IMG_1022 IMG_1029  DSC02216 DSC02212 IMG_2912 IMG_2914DSC09502

Wrapped in Scraps

Clothesline covered in fabric. Not just baskets!

DSC05899 IMG_4797 DSC09779 DSC09499 IMG_3690

Wool Applique

My award winning version of Imperial Blooms, a block of the month program with Sue Spargo, followed by some of my own original designs.

IMG_4346 IMG_3306 DSC05345 DSC05347 DSC03372 DSC03208 DSC08831 DSC08838 DSC08833 DSC08834 DSC03396 IMG_3614DSC08858 DSC08857 DSC09498 DSC02249DSC02172 DSC02170


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