Too much excitement in California!

Steve got me to Midway on time. I managed to check in all by myself and even found the right gate. I did have to have an extra security check because I was wearing a skirt(!) but they let me on the plane…

The flight was uneventful and Sheila was at the bottom of the stairs when I arrived at Ontario airport. My checked luggage appeared on the carousel…

Not too much excitement in that? Except that I had received an e-mail in the morning before I left from Road to California and it included some  interesting words.

Judging for Road to California Quilters’ Conference 2013 has just been
completed.  We at Road to California would like to congratulate you on having
your work accepted by our jury  We pride ourselves on selecting from the highest
quality entries for our Showcase.

Your entry #11014 titled “Imperial Blooms” has been awarded “3rd Place:
Innovative, Wall, Applique” by our judges.”

And that was exciting!

So with a spring in my step I picked up my name badge and winners ribbon on Thursday morning. I promised Sheila I wouldn’t be too obnoxious but it is extremely difficult not to feel a little bit special, even though it was another third place! I honestly hadn’t expected anything…

We decided to go and find the quilt. Road doesn’t make it easy. The quilts are not hung in order or category. They are displayed in groupings designed to look good together. But there it was, complete with ribbon…


We were allowed behind the tape for a group picture. Sheila made sure to pick off the few bits of thread that had found their way onto the quilt…

DSC02524and a picture of the label.


That was quilt number one. Now we had to find the African Folklore Embroidery exhibit in the ballroom across the hall.

And there was my African Folklore Flora and Fauna quilt. We went closer and saw a ribbon and yes… it had indeed placed first in this year’s challenge. Too much excitement indeed! And time for another picture.

DSC02554Quilt number two found. Now there was just one more quilt to find and that was back in the main hall in the Power Suit Exhibit. My quilt, Impenetrable is second from the left on the top row. It’s been a long time since I sent it away…

DSC02531The little quilts looked good together.

Then it was time to shop! So we did, and we looked at lots of quilts. It was fun to see quite a few by friends from PAQA. Then we shopped some more… I have spent all my winnings but I bought some great patterns and excellent threads. We are going to go back on Sunday to collect Imperial Blooms and take some more pictures. We will probably shop some more!

It might be raining but it’s warm and I am having a very good time.