It’s in the Details

I am so looking forward to getting on the plane on Wednesday. We are forecast to have a wind chill of -25F tonight. What am I supposed to wear to walk five houses down the block when it is that cold? It seems ridiculous to take 5 minutes getting ready to walk 200 yards… On Wednesday evening I won’t have to think about it. Corona has an expected high of 78 and low of 52. I think I might be able to cope with that!

Before I get ready I have been seeing to a few things.

Julia has changed my web site heading for me. I think I like it. It’s taken from my entry in the Arts and Old Lace Art Quilt Challenge entitled (He)arts and Old Lace I made last year.

Here is the quilt in its full glory! I don’t think I ever got around to posting a picture before. It was too early when I posted a “sneak peek” and then I forgot once the exhibit opened…

IMG_4268Once the web site was done, Julia reformatted my business cards to coordinate and I have got those all printed out and ready to go too. Her education proved once again to be a very good investment!

Next my attention turned to my QuiltCon entry. I will need to mail it as soon as I get back so I thought it might be a good idea to add the required one and one half inch hanging sleeve and label…


A draw string bag is also a requirement for our submissions so I set to work making one of those. I also covered a pool noodle, ready to roll my entry around for shipping. Too cute!

DSC02509I even did french seams and made  buttonholes to thread the draw string through. The orange ribbon was left over from Joanne’s wedding. It goes with the Lotta Jansdotter fabric like I had bought it just for the bag!

The family do seem to get involved in my play-ings whether they intend to or not…

On Sunday Sarah came with me to a talk by Jacquie Gering at in Westmont. We were late registering so we took our own chairs. That was probably a good thing because there was a large turnout and we might have had to stand…

Here is Jacquie in front of two of her quilts.

DSC02495Jacquie was very inspiring and I came home ready to stitch! Sarah wants to make a quilt this year. She found a picture of a quilt she likes and I have been trying some blocks, using a charm pack I bought on Craftsy.

One of Jacquie’s quilts was heavily quilted, matchstick style. It’s a style I have admired for a while so I decided to layer one of the trial blocks and have a go. It’s only a 15″ block but it took about an hour and a half to quilt. I used the walking foot and quilted less than an 1/8″ apart. That was a lot of lines! The white thread really changes the way the fabrics look, in a good way I think?

DSC02506To have something to compare it to, I layered a second block and quilted it with a more open, curvy stitch. It’s actually Bernina stitch #4 elongated. It was much quicker to quilt this one!

DSC02507 Two samples to add to my quilting with the walking foot stack.

No sewing today. I went for a pedicure.. my toes are ready for exposure… and cut some more hexagons to take with me. Sitting outside on Sheila’s patio stitching sounds like a good idea.

I’m going to need to dig my summer clothes and accessories out. Time to pack!



  1. Stephanie Rose said:

    Have a great trip Catherine. I can’t wait to see what Sarah makes! I have never seen the heart quilt, so thanks for sharing.

    January 21, 2013
  2. Vicky Laws said:

    Enjoy your trip – see you tonight at Colonial and then the RQG Board Meeting.

    January 22, 2013

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