Saturday in Houston, a happy, scrappy kind of a day!

It rained on Saturday… a lot!

Here’s the view from the Skywalk.IMG_3833

I was so glad to be in the “attached” hotel.

It was Halloween and of course costumes were in order. Meg looked super spiffy in her son’s Boy Scout uniform.

IMG_3835I was booked for my all day, six hour, Happy Scrappy Improv class. After introductions, chat and a demo everyone taped up their design walls and set to stitching.IMG_3836

I was thrilled at everyone’s creativity. With twenty or so students in the class everyone journeyed down their own path and some super little quilt tops were made. Of course I didn’t get pictures of all of them but here’s the ones I caught on camera.

Log cabin style…
IMG_3848 Chocolate brown for the negative space.IMG_3851 Rich earthy tones of loveliness…IMG_3852Loved the teal pops of color!IMG_3849Adventures in purple and green with a splash of orange…IMG_3845Blocks pinned on the background color, do you see those itty bitty narrow strips?IMG_3843So pretty, and a complete change from the creator’s usual country palette!IMG_3841

This one was ready to audition quilting threads. We were trying some of the Aurifil 12 weight colors I had with me.IMG_3840

I missed getting photos of some other great pieces. Perhaps I might get some sent to me of the finished quilted work?

And then it was party time!

The occasion required a costume ball and some amazing costumes joined the fun at the Monster Ball.

Recognize the two from Quiltapalooza? Last time we saw our Steam Punk maven she was dressed in aluminum foil and a plastic table cloth!


This what happens when a jelly fish meets a sea anemone…IMG_3866

I apologize but I couldn’t resist getting a snap of this cheeky pair!IMG_3868

The Houston Modern Guild were meeting in the hotel bar so I made my excuses at the ball to go and say hi.

And there I met Bonnie Bobman. Her necklace is magazine mates with my pin sash in the IQF Quilt Scene magazine and of course we both just happened to be wearing our creations…IMG_3871Yes those ears were my costume for the day!

I had to attempt a selfie with Jessica Darling, my Facebook buddy!
IMG_3876 I’m not sure why it’s such low resolution but it’s probably for the best. Jessica has much better selfie technique than me!

Just one more day left in Houston to report on…