Free motion quilting on Sunday Morning in Houston

My website needed some maintenance work yesterday… apparently I’d strayed over my allotted space? I’ve no idea what that all means… I always think in terms of drawers and I’m thinking mine was stuffed full and overflowing…

Julia sorted everything. It involved a lot of phone calls so thank you Julia and here I am again!

I left you last Saturday after hanging out in the bar…

It has really worked well the last few years of International Quilt Festival that we’ve had an extra hour on the Saturday night/Sunday morning. This year I used my hour to get my bags packed and class materials sorted so that I could check out and get down to the class room in plenty of time to get set up before the students arrived.

I had hoped I’d be able to get a cup of coffee but the line was just too long.

There was a good turn out for the class. There are always some no shows and then some last minute additions so there was a space for everyone. I was back in the same classroom as the day before with Susan from Babylock to look after us. You can catch a glimpse of her in blue at the back of this picture.
IMG_3879Susan was super patient and helped everyone get their machines threaded and ready for some free motion fun. Some people took some persuading but soon everyone was doodling and stitching their designs.IMG_3881The concentration level was high but we managed to keep a smile on most faces!IMG_3880

And just like that we were done!

I dropped my class bag back at the hotel and had a last minute dash between booths to finish my business for the week and then there was finally time for that cup of coffee before the taxi ride back to the airport.

I realized that I hadn’t been outside since I entered the hotel on Tuesday. My phone had travelled well over two miles each day and I don’t carry it when I’m moving around the class room… The Convention Center is big! There were 29 aisles of vendors this year and about the same space again for the exhibits so staying inside didn’t equate with standing still.

It was good to find Steve back in Chicago. That last leg of collecting your bags and getting back home can sometimes be the final straw but Steve took over and got me home safely!

Festival was great. Lots of work, lots of new friends and lots of catching up with old ones. So many people deserve thanks for their help, encouragement and friendship.

Monday was spent sleeping, Tuesday unpacking and then it was back to “work”.

I’m off to see the Friendship Quilters of San Diego tomorrow. They’ve booked me for three classes and a lecture. I’ve started a new embroidery using a panel I picked up from Artistic Artifacts . It’ll be coming with me on my trip.
I’m flying in the morning so I need to have my bags packed before I go to bed tonight. I’m half done. Back to the suitcases…

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