Friday in Houston

Friday started with the Friday Sampler… what else would you call an event that places twenty four teachers in the same room, all giving presentations on their favorite subjects?

It was busy, busy, busy. So busy I don’t have one picture to show for it. I was showing Traditional Stitches of African Folklore Embroidery to a constantly changing crowd. Sue from Houston, one of my new friends from the luncheon on Wednesday, came to help me out and made the best job of making my threads and kits available to anyone who wanted them. The time flew by and I hope at least a few quilters went away inspired to try some hand stitching, and some long time embroiderers added a few new ideas to their repertoire…

After I packed my bags back up again I grabbed a quick yoghurt in the teachers’ room and headed out for the full plus one English Paper Piecing Clamshell class. We decided to completely turn the room around and blew the electric circuit when I plugged an extra light in… A good start?

This time I was determined to take some photographs so we began the afternoon with a wave and a smile for the camera.

Left side of the room. (It was great to see a friend from Portland. Lucinda (front row in deep pink) had brought her two grand daughters to my hexie class back in August. Now she had her mom with her…)
IMG_3811Girls in the middle (got to watch out for the front row…)IMG_3812 and the right hand side.IMG_3813 We made our introductions, I demo’d the technique and everyone set to stitching.IMG_3815 These three friends were a long way away from their home in Holland. They had enjoyed their trip to the States.IMG_3818

Today’s featured image up top is one of the student’s beautiful blue clamshells, halfway through arranging the second row.

Everyone made a great start on their pillows. I hope to see some pictures of finished projects before too long.

There was just an hour to bid farewell, pack up and get ready for the evening class…

Walking Foot Quilting… Get Out of the Ditch!

Another full class and lots to get through but everyone was a good sport and set to work with a smile on their face.IMG_3823

Some concentration was needed…IMG_3827Keep calm and carry on stitching!
IMG_3830We did make it through to nine o’clock. Homework assignments were given but are strictly optional… Well done ladies!

Time for a Margherita? The bar was strangely empty but I tracked down a few friendly faces at Pappasito’s Cantina in the Hilton. Thanks Karla from Cherrywood Fabrics for letting me crash your party…

So ended Friday!