Milk glass tumblers

If one tumbler quilt is good then two tumbler quilts are very good!

I found the charm pack of Robert Kaufman Whisper Prints 2 in the bag of purchases from Market and decided they would be the perfect start for my next quilt. It didn’t take long to cut them into tumblers and lay them out ready for stitching.

After a little problem with a very hot iron I had to make a change to my initial design but I was happy with my finished 25″ square finished top.

I moved swiftly to pin basting…


and then back to the sewing machine for some almost shadow quilting with the walking foot.


Time for a break! Sometimes it’s hard to take a break but I always know my back will be grateful for a change of position…

On my return I started the free motion stitching. Here (left to right) are some flowers, pebbles and mussels. I was using my Aurifil 50wt. variegated grey to white cotton thread. I do like the way the pattern comes and goes as the thread color changes.


After a few more breaks and about five hours total quilting time ( no more bugs in my machine!) my top was done, ready for binding while I caught up with Poldark and The Crimson Field.

And here it is, Milk Glass Tumblers, a sampler of free motion stitching…


The weather is not very good for photography this morning but here’s a quick look at the back… My grandma always liked to look at the back!

A close up of the double candy cane,

and the finished pebble section.

It’s quilt bee this afternoon. The Sew and Tell Bee are due here at two. I need to go to the Post office to pick up a parcel and tidy round a bit before then. I also need to find some cake. Cake is a vital part of our bee…

My next tumbler quilt might have to wait a while!


  1. Nadine Donovan said:

    Beautiful job! Makes me want to go play on my long arm.

    July 7, 2015
    • catherineredford said:

      Thanks Nadine!

      July 7, 2015
  2. Gerri Bobnar said:

    Love the candy cane along with Poldark and The Crimson Field. Great job. Am planning on incorporating your African Folklore Embroidery Pgh class with Sue Spargo BOM Folk-Tails!

    July 7, 2015
  3. Sherrey said:

    I love the quilt And your quilting is amazing! (Makes me want to learn more techniques)

    July 9, 2015

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