My sewing machine had a problem with a bug at the weekend.

If I said that to Benjamin I think he would picture this type of bug?


Steve would probably think of the sort of bug he spends his days fixing…

BERNINA refers to my  820 as a sewing computer so when the screen started doing some very erratic things and a simple power cycle (as in turning it off for a few minutes and then switching it back on…) made no difference, I was very concerned that I had a major problem on my hands.

I was trying to get set up for some free motion quilting fun but the stitch length number was changing all by itself! I couldn’t get the feed dogs to stay down… AND the tension seemed to have  mind of its own…

I had run out of ideas when a very tiny little insect crawled out the top. All just like that, everything went back to normal. I could make my adjustments and get to work.


So Benjamin would have been right. There really was a bug in my machine!


How ridiculous! I just had to share that with you. I’ll know what to check for if I ever have that problem again…

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