A magazine sighting and a quilt finish.

Look what I ran into when I was out and about on Thursday!


I’ve been asked where copies of the summer edition of Modern Patchwork can be found… Barnes and Noble in Bolingbrook had a plentiful supply, right on the front row. So, I presume it is now readily available in a store near you! And if you don’t have B&N near you? It’s in the Interweave store, just click on the picture at the side!

Enough about that for now. I got back to my little tumbler quilt Friday morning and added the free motion stitching I’d been planning.


I love the contrasting textures that the quilting added in the alternate spaces.


It’s bound and everything! Yesterday I made another little tumbler top. It’s quite different. Perhaps I’ll have pictures tomorrow?

We’re having a quiet 4th July here. All the family have their own plans. I guess we should be happy they are independent?

Happy Independence Day everyone!



  1. Sandra Weimer said:

    Got my magazine at B & N on Thursday. 🙂 Love that tumbler quilt!

    July 4, 2015
  2. Sue G. said:

    That stitching is great! Fun to see the top go from flat to fabulous. You constantly amaze me!!

    July 4, 2015

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