Last week in Lodi (Wisconsin)

It’s been more than a week since I returned from my trip to Lodi. I had expected to post these pictures last weekend but that was before I was hacked!!

What does anyone gain by hacking a quilting website? Really?

It must have happened late Friday because I had an email from a reader telling me about the inappropriate advertisements and links that were showing up throughout my pages…

Oh no! Fortunately I have an excellent web mistress who was able to spend much of her Saturday morning sorting things with my service provider and doing all manner of technical things to stop it happening again… It took until yesterday to have everything fully functional and now here I am again…

Really people! I am a little oldish quilting teacher lady…

So, back to Lodi, the one in Wisconsin, and the Lodi Valley Quilters Guild. I drove north on Monday afternoon and got myself checked into my hotel with plenty of time to spare. The hotel was by the highway, about six miles from our meeting place in Lodi itself. I paid attention as I drove into town, noting there were no street lights on the winding road. I knew it would be dark for the return journey and I have become a very city-fied driver…

The guild has around 190 members and there was a good turn out. I set myself up and had a chat with the people on the back row.

We started with a photo shoot and then set off on our Trip Around the World!The members played along nicely, threads were handed out along the way and we had a big winner at the end. Good job everyone!

The business meeting was next and then some Show and Tell.

It’s been a while, so I can’t remember all the details, but here’s a few pictures for you to enjoy.

This quilt top was made for a class on curved piecing.I remember this one used a special ruler for the long triangles.This lady had several nautical themed quilts and the Christmas one to share.This quilter has been using up her mother-in-law’s cow fabric stash. I think she said there are over 300 different prints in this quilt!The maker of this quilt was off on a trip to see relatives in Norway and had made four quilts to take as gifts.More curves!There were going to be four giraffes in this baby quilt but don’t you love the addition of the scrappy one second from the left?Chartreuse as a neutral? That’s my way of thinking.Flamingos in Wisconsin. Always fun!And a little quilt to finish with, lots of flying geese made for a challenge.My pop up shop delayed people’s departures somewhat. I hope the enthusiastic shoppers use the thread and read the books they bought 🙂

I navigated the dark and winding road back to the hotel OK. I couldn’t keep up with the car in front of me but there was nothing following me so I didn’t have to worry about going too slowly. Thanks are due to Lodi Valley Quilters Guild for inviting me to Wisconsin. I hope to see you again some time?

It was just left for me to drive home Tuesday morning in time for the ladies of my bee to arrive at two…

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    Thank you for all that you share! I enjoy reading your blog!

    April 14, 2019

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