It’s November… Butterfly eleven!

I got here!

I’m happily ensconced in my room and ready for the fun to begin in Houston.

But first…

Yes, it’s the first of November so that means there must be a new “butterfly”?

This one definitely is not a butterfly. I had a few people say I should do a dragonfly so here it is.

I used the House of embroidery 8 weight perle cotton as usual for the outlines but then I filled in the wings with Wonderfil Sizzle needle weaving for lots of shine and sparkle.

Here’s a close up from a different angle.
I’m going to be adding needle weaving into my classes. It’s a fun technique to fill areas and works very well with those difficult threads that you just can’t make regular stitches with.

No wool appliqué this month. I have been busy 🙁 Maybe there will be two in December?

The design is under  A Year of Butterflies up top, as usual. I’m still hoping for pictures at the Facebook page. If you have even just started one of the designs please let me and the world know. We can cheer each other on!


I’m in Houston for twelve days. I’m hoping to post a few updates while I’m here but I can’t promise anything. If you are here too, please stop me and say hello. I’ve got lots of classes, lectures and Open Studios. Good times are on the horizon?