I was supposed to be clearing up?

I felt like the whole house was a mess and I couldn’t remember the last time I actually made anything…

Time to clear up… if I start with my sewing room perhaps I will get inspired?

I didn’t get too far!

The good people of Taylor Seville had sent me some of their Magic Clips to try. I particularly wanted to try the mini size ones. I always promise I will use whatever I am sent and write about it if I like them 🙂

The mini size are smaller than the extra small…

Then I found a whole stack of little Sashiko designs I had stitched (maybe last year?). They were cut apart but needed trimming and making into something. I trimmed them and cut wool felt to use as backing.

A combination of the mini Magic Clips and the height compensation tool that came with my BERNINA made sewing little coasters easy breezy!Really, I don’t know why I hadn’t used the height compensation tool for going round corners before. I have always had problems getting started again when I pivot and there are lots of layers… The clips are thinner than the ones I have used before and did a good job of holding the opening closed without any distortion. I did have to take them out before I got to them as I was top-stitching so close to the edge. They will definitely be going in my work box of useful things to keep at hand!!

I had lots of stitched pieces. There were six denim patches…They are big enough to be considered mug rugs!

You can see the wool felt backing in this picture.I don’t add any extra batting. I think the felt is enough.

Then there was a set of six squares. I like the slate color fabric.

And last but not least four mini squares on traditional navy.This is where I have to tell you these were stitched with 8 weight perle cotton, not traditional Sashiko thread, so they more inspired by Sashiko than authentically real…

If you wanted to stitch your own then I would recommend shopping for supplies at your favorite independent store. If you don’t have one then my friends at Kimonomomo have a super Etsy store with an amazing stock of printed samplers. They come printed with water soluble ink. You just soak them in some cold water when you have finished – I prefer to soak the completed mats so that I know where to top-stitch. A little rub between your fingers gets rid of all the marking and don’t they look lovely?

Now I have coasters for all occasions but I still need to clear up…


I’m off to visit the Pieces From the Heart Quilt Guild in Morris this evening. It’s my third visit. My first was in 2014, the second in 2017, so it’s probably time. I will report back..