Crystal Lake Modern Quilt Guild

Yesterday was a very good day!

I got up at an early (to me) hour and stuffed the car with a lot of stuff…This picture doesn’t really do justice to the number of bags and boxes I took with me. Sometimes being within driving distance leads to a lack of discipline with my packing!

It was just over an hour from my home to Crystal Lake. I followed the GPS so I don’t quite know where I ended up but apparently it was the right place because members of the Crystal Lake Quilt Guild were in the parking lot when I arrived. I was very pleased to accept their help getting everything inside and set up.

The meeting started with some business and then there was the challenge reveal. Everyone had been busy finishing their UFOs.

I took some pictures. Starting with a super scrappy quilt,

Some people had help with their show and tell…This was a BIG quilt!But some people just had little things to share.I was a bit far too back to get very good pictures 🙁

Then it was time for a group photograph of all the quilters who took part in the challenge…
My snap serves as today’s featured image at the top of this post.

Next came a description of the next month’s challenge followed by a drawing for a fabulous prize for the March participants.What a lovely pencil case. No wonder so many people had taken part!

More show and tell followed. More wonderful big quilts,And two versions of the same pattern.

After all that fun there was a short break to enjoy some treats and then it was my turn…

I took some photos of the assembled group.

Looking to the left,and then to the right.Some people follow instructions about having their picture taken better than others?

I was booked for my Lessons Learned lecture and we enjoyed that together for an hour and then went almost straight into a three hour Walking Foot Quilting – Beyond the Ditch workshop. I guess I was too busy to take any more photographs because all of a sudden I was back in the car on my way home?

I have to say they were a very nice crowd in Crystal Lake. Thanks for having me ladies!

It was a good class, the first time I taught it this year. But not the last. I’ll be packing my bags again on Thursday for an early morning flight across the country to Oakland. I might have to be a bit more organized with my luggage…

Today is the first day of Spring. It must be. I spotted a bunny hopping across the yard while I was sitting typing this. There’s not a lot for them to eat yet in the garden. I’m sure he’ll be bringing his friends when the Hostas start sprouting!



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  1. Sue H said:

    The show-n-share projects were gorgeous! What a talented group of ladies! I’m sure they had a lot of fun in your class!!!

    March 20, 2017

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