Common Threads Quilt Guild and beyond…

I left the house at 4 on Tuesday afternoon to head North. Apparently it’s now construction season…

Our intrepid voyager kept her eyes on the road ahead. She navigated Milwaukee and its interesting new by-pass and arrived at her destination well before darkness fell.

I’m fine with highways, city traffic doesn’t phase me but don’t put me on a country road with no lights šŸ™‚

Barb welcomed me into her lovely home and I slept well, ready for the busy day ahead with the Common Threads Quilt Guild in Menominee Falls.

The meeting started with a little business ably directed by the President.
Then it was time for Show and Tell. Some quilts were shown so quickly I didn’t get pictures but here’s a few that held still for a few minutes.

A quilt for a horse lover,A pretty pinwheel quilt from a Jenny Doan pattern,A souvenir from an Alaskan trip!This one uses the Zentangle class the maker had taken and converted into quilting designs.And here’s a blast from the past? This was started many years ago. I had seen it in progress when I visited the West Suburban Quilt guild in Brookfield, Wisconsin in January 2014 and now it was finished!Nine designs from African Folklore Embroidery. Spectacular!

I was next up. Time for a picture. It doesn’t matter what I say, some people just don’t look at the camera…The right hand side of the room did a little better.The ladies were a great audience and laughed along with my stories and pictures. They knew that the snack table was waiting for them?

More business followed the break and then it was time for lunch and I got set up for a half day Introduction to Folkart Embroidery.

We had a full class. You can see everyone in the featured image at the top of today’s post. We sewed on my small printed designs. Nobody is going to get the whole thing stitched in a couple of hours but here’s a good effort!
I think everyone learnt something. Some people mastered a quilter’s knot for the first time. Chain stitch was new to a few stitchers while others enjoyed embellishing their embroidery like Shobha in the example above!

So, we all know I don’t like driving on country roads in the dark…I also really prefer not to be driving when I’m tired … BUT sometimes I don’t communicate very well… Program chair Annie and hostess Barb were extremely good sports when they realized that I wasn’t planning on leaving the area after the workshop…

Thank you Barb for a second night at your very comfortable home and also Barb’s family for including me in their dinner plans at very short notice!!

(That’s a lesson learned by Catherine)

NEXT morning I made the trip across country on the scenic route to visit Joanne and Emily. At seven weeks Emily is now out of newborn size and definitely recognizes her mom.

And look at that hair.

We spent a happy few hours in each others company before I headed out into the construction zone again. Is it really right to charge tolls on roads that are dug up and down to one lane for almost the whole way home? I’m just asking…



I need to work on my deadline piece today. It’s ready for binding so I’m on target to get it in the mail on Monday.

I’ve added three new 2019 bookings this week. I’ll put them on the calendar once we’ve got the contracts signed.

AND if you’ve been thinking about taking one of my on-line classes through the Quilting Company now might be a good time to sign up. Click on the purple Quilting Company tab at the side and use the coupon code for 15% off through May 15th!

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  1. Sue H said:

    Oh my goodness! The hair on that child cracked me up … or maybe I’m just a little bit jealous …. She definitely has quite a full head of hair. Glad you had some time to snuggle that little bundle!

    April 29, 2018

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