On Safari in Wisconsin

I’m back from Wisconsin!

We have discovered that the big blue car doesn’t take kindly to sub zero temperatures so the intrepid traveller set forth in her little Toyota Yaris…

I made a stop to see Benjamin in Rockford (Ruby was sleeping) and eventually arrived safely in the wilds of Waterloo! Joanne had made it back home from work before me and made me very welcome with a nice cup of tea before we headed out the door to the West Suburban Quilt Guild in Brookfield. We had a fun evening learning about the wonders of South African and African Folklore Embroidery.


I was very glad Joanne was the one driving through the dark rural roads…

Thursday and Friday were spent indoors… Thursday morning was bright and cheery so I took some pictures. Here’s a view out of an upstairs window.

DSC06657 I did not go outside once! I worked on my hexagons and watched daytime TV… Friday looked very nasty with freezing rain and fog.

Siri set my alarm on Saturday morning and I set off early (for me) back to Milwaukee. I passed a car in a ditch on the first hill and a truck in the ditch on the next one. It seemed  like a good start to the day but I was determined not to be the third car off the road and made good use of my gears!

Suffice it to say the car and I made it to Brookfield in good time and negotiated the ice rink of a parking lot with the grace of an olympic skater (?)

Nancy had finished the turtle she bought at the Rosemont show.

DSC06663 She had appliquéd pieces of hand dyed silk on the shell.

DSC06664 It looked lovely!

After a brief overview everyone set to stitching on their projects.

DSC06665 Some worked speedier than others but there was no contest!

DSC06668 It was all about having fun and enjoying the journey.

DSC06669 At least people were able to smile when asked!

DSC06673Even after four hours of work.

DSC06674I don’t think all the time was spent sewing but some great work was done.

There was some Mola Barbara wrapping on this poppy center Superior Thread’s Razzle Dazzle thread for a touch of bling.

DSC06666 And some more on the saucer in this teacup design with some lovely herringbone stitch for an extra detail.

DSC06667Then there was a double sided interweave going on on the one elephant teapot design.

DSC06672I always come back from my trips thinking I hope everyone learnt something while I was having so much fun… Perhaps I will see some finished projects in my in-box before long…?


Tonight it’s the annual Riverwalk Quilters Holiday Party and Rummage Sale. I have been clearing out a few drawers and hope to be taking more than I end up coming home with.

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