April Butterfly

The first of April, Benjamin had lots of ideas for April Fools Day…

Easter Sunday… Happy Easter!

A good day for a new butterfly? There’s something about the life cycle of a butterfly that sparks hope?

Today’s Lepidoptera is another moth 🙂 It’s a smaller design than last month so you’ve got chance to catch up if you need it. As always the design is found by clicking on the Year of Butterflies tab at the top and then clicking again on the pattern you want to download.

I completed the outline in chain stitch as usual and then filled it in with lazy daisies, cross stitches and french knots. There’s a little in and out embellishment in the chain stitch on the upper wings. All the threads are House of Embroidery #8 perle cottons from Akonye Kena.

A close-up from an artful angle…
and one more!AND if you are working in wool…I used milled wool from Sue Spargo stitched down with Ellana and embroidered with Eleganza threads. The beads came from my February trip to Florida!That’s crested chain stitch on the upper wings and rows of single fly stitch on the lower pair.I’ve been enjoying seeing people’s progress on the Facebook page. There is plenty of space for more of you to join us with your pictures, questions and comments. Invite your friends.

Happy stitching!


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