A little Sashiko-style stitching

A disclaimer to begin with…

I will only ever call my stitching Sashiko-style. I really don’t know what I’m doing… I just know enough to know that my stitches aren’t authentic…

That being said, there’s something about stitching rows of running stitches in beautiful hand dyed threads on a pre-printed background that is incredibly satisfying!

Remember this piece I finished in December?

The traditional Sashiko sampler design Kaki-no-hana, or persimmon flower. I made six more…

Each one represents more than ten hours of stitching. So much fun playing with different colors. What am I going to do with them? Always a good question… I was going to take them to the UK with me next week as hostess gifts… We all know that’s not going to happen 🙁

They will go in the box of finished things along with all the happy thoughts that went into making them.

If you want to try your hand at some Sashiko-style stitching like mine you can ask your local quilt store to get the samplers for you, lots of them are doing touch-less pick-up? … or have a look on-line… Global Artisans has the thread I use and some designs. I like the people at KimonoMomo… or SuperBuzzy… Search for sashiko samplers…you get the idea!


Day three of staying safe at home… we can do this!

Happy Stitching!