A Green and Pleasant Land

Circumstances meant we stayed with my dad an extra night and a special friend drove up to spend the day with us. We decided to go and visit the picturesque town of Lavenham.

From traditional phone boxes,IMG_8855 (1)and red mail boxes,IMG_8910 (1)half-timbered medieval cottages,IMG_8870 (1)Edwardian (?) brick terraces,IMG_8917 (1)to the 15th century church,IMG_8879 (1)Lavenham is a lovely place to spend the day.

A picture inside the church.IMG_8885 (1)A close up of the tiled floor.IMG_8891 (1)One last picture of the fuchsias, growing in profusion in hanging baskets along the streets.
IMG_8877 (1)We bid farewell to my dad on Sunday morning… this is the best of the bad pictures!IMG_8921And on to Richmond, on the river Thames.IMG_8938More friends to visit and another walk! We ventured into Richmond Park and met some beautiful fallow deer that didn’t seem to mind all the people gathered around taking pictures…IMG_8963These wild roses posed so well in the sunshine.IMG_8944Too much fun.

We left Richmond behind on Monday afternoon and headed north.

A brief stop over with Fred and Ellen in Colindale,IMG_8976and onto Sheffield. IMG_8987Not quite so green and pleasant but very close to the Peak District and another walk on Tuesday. Steve’s dad came along on this one,DSC02678along with sister Kate and niece Natalie who were needed for assistance crossing the muddy bits!!DSC02683I’m glad I had the camera so there are no pictures of me getting help…

We left Derbyshire behind to come to East Yorkshire and the village of Hotham.DSC02697More relatives, great-nieces and walks across fields!

Tomorrow we are headed to Birmingham for Festival of Quilts. I’ve had it on my calendar for fifteen months. I’m getting excited…


  1. Jen Hokanson said:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and travel stories. I hope you get the chance to see one of my favorite quilts at the Festival of Quilts. It’s called “Embracing the Silver Years” by Jayne Gaskins. It should be in the SAQA exhibit called “Celebrating Silver”. Enjoy the show!

    August 10, 2016
  2. Carole Mercer said:

    Thought that’s where you might be heading tomorrow. I’m there tomorrow maybe we’ll bump into each other.

    August 10, 2016
  3. Sandy Hess said:

    What amazingly beautiful pictures. So glad you are there and getting to do wonderful things. Looking forward to seeing you!

    August 11, 2016

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