Weekend Update

Leaving Iceland behind, next stop Gatwick Airport, London’s second airport…

We emerged from the clouds over the Kent countryside.IMG_8699I spotted the flag in a garden down below and took a picture.penshurst placeI’ve done a little research (thanks Mr. Google!) It’s Penshurst Place, a 14th century manor house, once owned by Henry VIII and apparently a good place to visit. There were quite a number of cars parked on a Monday.

We had booked a rental car but it still took a long time before we got on the road.

First stop… my dad’s home in Suffolk. It was raining so no pictures!

Tuesday’s weather forecast was no better so we decided upon a quick trip into town to get some of life’s essentials to take home to the US.

Underwear from M&S! (and a few items for the grandchildren)IMG_8714My dad doesn’t like to pay for parking so we were in a free one hour spot on the edge of town. That’s a good way of making sure I didn’t spend too much? Just time to snap a few photos of the decorated pigs.IMG_8715

IMG_8717We stopped in at Tesco’s for chocolate to add to the bag. This is an interesting idea?IMG_8741

The weather forecast was slightly better on Wednesday so we headed to the seaside at Felixstowe. IMG_8725It’s the North Sea… it is not warm. There were some hardy British children in the water.

The beach huts always make a good picture. Even under grey skies?IMG_8734Thursday I was booked to teach at the Castle Wall Quilters in Gillingham, Kent. It was 87 miles each way and involves using the Dartford Crossing on the M25 so we allowed lots of time.

The morning trip was busy but no hold ups. Steve drove while I snoozed… I woke up to see the Dartford Bridge.IMG_8746It’s hard to get a good picture when you are actually on the road.IMG_8751We were early in Gillingham but the ladies soon arrived and got set up. It was a regular guild day so the members who weren’t in the class had brought some hand work projects to keep themselves busy.IMG_8759There were 20 students and everyone stitched away  very diligently in our Steps to Successful Free Motion Quilting class…IMG_8770At least until coffee break time! There was good cake to celebrate two members’ birthdays.IMG_8761Back to doodling and stitching!IMG_8764Good work ladies.IMG_8766We had been right to allow plenty of time for the journey. On the way home there were several hold ups but none as bad as the next day when there was a horse loose on the bridge…

Not a lot of rest. On Friday morning I was closer to home in Debenham, Suffolk for a Happy Scrappy Improv class.

Everyone got set up ready to begin.IMG_8777And off we went!
IMG_8784There was lots of scrappy goodness everywhere you looked.IMG_8785A constant supply of coffee and cookies kept us happy but we were ready for lunch at one o’clock.IMG_8783But then it was back to work again.IMG_8779I did manage to get a picture of everyone with some of their work before we left. It’s today’s featured image at the top of the post.

I got some photos of individual projects too.

This was one stitcher’s first ever attempt at making a quilt top, curved piecing and everything!IMG_8826I loved the gingham, large print combination in this one.
IMG_8833This one is very dramatic with all the units floating on a black background.IMG_8830Ann was another first time piecer. She had come prepared for a hand work class but we got her set up with a machine and off she went!IMG_8829Improv is such a happy introduction to piecing!

The event had been arranged as a fund raiser for the Blossom Charity which exists to make women’s lives better. One way it does this is by giving awards for programs and development courses. Our one day event raised enough money for a complete course for one woman.  We were very pleased!

Time for a walk over the fields (of sugar beet)
IMG_8844and through the woods!IMG_8851This is behind my sister’s home. All that rain makes for a lovely green landscape!

An excellent week?

There is more but that can wait for another post. Too many pictures can be too much of a good thing!


  1. Cindy said:

    What an exciting trip you are having. Again, thanks for sharing your adventures with us. The ladies put together some really nice pieces. I too like the one on the black background. Now to find some extra minutes to try making something of my own. Have a safe journey.

    August 7, 2016
  2. Lynne Stucke said:

    Ahhh! Your dad lives in Suffolk, you say? Your post made me homesick for Suffolk (we used to live in Woodbridge Town, on Queen’s Head Lane) — and for Marks & Sparks, and Tesco’s. How I miss that Diet Apple Tango!!! Hope you enjoyed your visit as much as I would have!!!! (lynnstck[at]yahoo.com)

    August 7, 2016

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