Wool Appliqué with the Illini Country Stitchers

We had a great turn out for our wool appliqué class with the stitchers in Champaign-Urbana.

The ladies sat at tables for a lovely sociable day of appliqué and embroidery. Threading the needle sometimes took a moment of concentration…IMG_5783but all in all I heard very few complaints!

Everyone had a pattern but some chose to do their own thing. Fun?IMG_5784Others followed more closely.IMG_5787There really were no rules, other than having a good day was not optional.IMG_5792Of course there is always one person who finishes their project.IMG_5790Well done Maggie!

Judging by the amount of wool and embroidery threads purchased I’d say the group was satisfied. I’m looking forward to more pictures of finished projects…

Tomorrow we’ll get to Happy Scrappy Improv quilts.


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  1. Maggie Szafranski said:

    Everyone loved the class!

    March 15, 2016

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