Happy Scrappy Improv Quilts with the Illini Country Stitchers

Back at St. Paul’s Church in Champaign on Saturday morning for a change of pace from Friday’s handwork class.

We set up our machines and, after a brief introduction to the joys of improvisational piecing, everyone set to work. Only a couple of people identified themselves as having tried improv before but there was no hesitation.IMG_5794There were big piles of scraps everywhere you looked!IMG_5793With a few bundles of less scrappy pieces…IMG_5795By late morning we were ready for a gallery walk and a chance to see what everyone had been working on. It’s always a great opportunity to be inspired. Units were taking shape around the room and being displayed on the design walls.

Batiks,IMG_5801Kaffe favorites,IMG_5797and an interesting group of bits and pieces!IMG_5812We all enjoyed our lunch break and returned to stitching with fresh vigor and enthusiasm.

Not everyone had entirely finished by going home time but everyone had made great progress.

The batiks were coming together in an alternate grid.IMG_5821 (1) The design in today’s featured image was almost completed, despite some construction challenges!

These next four are ready for quilting.

Curves, unmeasured four patches and narrow inserts…IMG_5825 (1) Those Kaffes’ all stitched together…IMG_5826 (1) I really want to make a diagonal piece! I love that little four patch…IMG_5831 (1) And the interesting grouping?IMG_5824 (1)Wow! What fun.

We remembered to get a group picture before everyone left.IMG_5815There’s a reason why I named the class Happy Scrappy Improv…

I certainly drove home happy, with a full and grateful heart.

Thank you Illini Country Stitchers for being a part of my quilting journey this year!


  1. Maggie Szafranski said:

    It was a great class and a joy to have you come to our guild!

    March 15, 2016
  2. Joanne Donovan said:

    Wow! What beautiful art! The last picture of the quilts really struck a chord with me! (I’ve never done “improv”, but I get close sometimes! And I know I can do it!) They should be very proud of themselves! It’s beautiful!! (At first, when you showed the pieces all apart, I thought it was too “busy”. But what an impact when she sewed them all together!! Very cool!!) Thanks!!

    March 22, 2016
    • catherineredford said:

      Thanks Joanne! I always go into this class not knowing what is going to happen and then in the last hour everything comes together… It’s such fun 🙂

      March 22, 2016

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