Wool Appliqué with the Cotton Boll Quilters

Another day, another class!

Here we all are at the Auburn Chamber of Commerce for our Wool Appliqué Experience class.
IMG_6432Handwork makes for a wonderfully sociable class and we had a lovely time stitching together. Here are some of the projects started in our time together.

Pinks and purples.IMG_6437Got to love some bison!IMG_6429Polka dots.IMG_6427An extra flower.IMG_6426and a variation on the theme!IMG_6423After all that it had to be time to eat again?

Hamilton’s in downtown Auburn was the restaurant of choice.

I don’t often take food pictures but…

We started with Fried Green Tomatoes and Grilled Shrimp,
IMG_6440followed by Catfish and Crayfish (complete with cheese grits and sautéed spinach).IMG_6442Yum yum…

We ordered the Bread Pudding, bread custard, raisins, cinnamon, whiskey sauce, but we ate it all before I took the photograph!!IMG_6444

Great food, great company.

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