We’re off to a good start!

2023 is here.. am I really ready?

Joanne and the children arrived from Wisconsin on the 31st. John had to work New Year’s Eve. I’m sure he had a very busy couple of services at the Madison Club but it wasn’t exactly quiet at our house!

I think this picture will give you some idea of the fun times to be had in Naperville.
They didn’t sleep well either… But you’ve got to enjoy them while they are little because they grow up so fast?

Teddy loves his mom but he was beginning to warm up to grandma after 22 hours 🙂

Moving on, I found some time to finish stitching the piece I started in San Diego with Sheila Frampton Cooper. I went with fairly intense walking foot stitching, including quarter inch grids and adding some hand embellishment in the dark pink sections. A knife edge facing finishes the edges. It’s not square, but to give you an idea of the size, the longest side is about 16″.

I marked the pink with a chalk marker. It nearly all rubbed off by the time I finished. I need to go back with a soft eraser when I get a minute or two.I’m happy with the way it came out. I will remember the SoCal sunshine when I look at it!


I came back from Houston last November with a couple of new Yazzii bags. It was time to embellish one of them with a piece of embroidery from my box. I took one of my finished spring wreaths and stitched it to a piece of felt to make a nice circle appliqué I could easily attach to the top of the bag.It looks good!

The bag comes with four zipped pouches and a nice space to put things in. I tried to take a picture of the inside but it didn’t work well. Here’s one from the Yazzii web site that gives you a better idea!

Mine is all filled up now and ready to go!

I do like my Yazzii bags, and the Yazzii people are pretty nice too, so I’m delighted to be able to tell you that I have signed up as a Yazzii affiliate. It’s going to mean that I can offer you a discount code to use on orders you make on their website, but I haven’t got myself completely organized yet. Rest assured I will remind you when I have got everything sorted. You can watch for a new badge on the side of the website.


In between things I got back to my winter wreath. I think the beak and eye need a little help but it’s done for now. Three shades of green, very pale yellow, a dark red and just a little deep orange, brown and black.
I always like the angled view…

I’ll get Julia to clean it up and then we’ll be able to get it kitted ready to sell when I’m traveling later in the year. I’m nearly out of the spring wreath kit so I’ll be getting them reprinted soon.


I am almost packed to go to Road to California on Saturday. I have been watching the weather… I’m flying direct but with a stop in Denver. I’m hoping for a boring, trouble-free flight! (I have plenty of drink coupons, enough for me and everyone on my row.)

I have a packed schedule for the week. I had waiting lists so we opened up the classes for a few more students. The extra seats are mostly taken but if you are coming to the show you can always check at the on-site registration booth. I have kits for all my workshops which makes late sign ups work well. In between classes I’ll be in the Handwork Learning Lab. I have a staff badge. I’m expected to earn my keep!! Come by and say hello.

If you can’t make it to Ontario I will try and post pictures on my Instagram feed. It reposts on Facebook so you won’t have to miss out. Maybe you will want to make plans for next year?

2023 has started out well. Let’s keep it that way!