To Market, Part Two.

After all the excitement of Sample Spree it was time to get serious (?) and hit the show floor on Friday morning. Fortified by a cup of hotel room coffee and some instant oatmeal I navigated the SkyWalk once again.

There was a glass “window display” just inside the entrance and look what I found. That’s my wool needle case in the Marcus Fabrics showcase.

A good start!

My other needle case was in booth 1901  along with the pincushion I made when I was out west at Sheila’s for Road to California.


(Since I got back I found a link for my pattern at the Marcus fabric website so you can make your own needle case if you so desire! It’s a free download.)

I had a list of some people I wanted to talk to and as I made my way up and down the aisles I made sure to stop at the strategic places.

I wasn’t expecting to meet these two…


Darth Vadar and Princess Leia were attending the show on behalf of Camelot Cottons who had their line of StarWars fabrics in their booth. They posed for me in Hoffman’s Me+You booth. Did you spot Latifah’s Molehills quilt behind them on the settee?

Carrie Bloomston was hanging out in her booth with Karen Lepage and Deborah Moebes. Super people!


I was done for the day by five so I made my way back to the hotel, dropped my bags, picked up my jacket… and headed back to the Convention Center to meet up with friends for dinner. It was a wonderful evening to be wandering the streets of Minneapolis


Saturday was DVD signing day. I watched Carrie at work first to see how it’s done! I even got a signed copy of her lovely book, The Little Spark to bring home. Thanks Carrie! I will enjoy reading it.


Then it was my turn.  I made my way to the F+W booth where Vivika and I opened all twenty copies of the DVD and I set up ready. There were actually a few people in line by the appointed time!


I concentrated on my writing, taking care to listen to people’s names and how they were spelt!


Too much fun.


All too soon the pile of Modern Machine Quilting DVDs was gone. I do hope people enjoy their DVDs.

Another dinner with friends followed by drinks in the hotel bar. It was late by the time we got upstairs.


Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures of the booths and all the stuff I brought back with me. I’ve already put some of it into use.


  1. Isabel Bender said:

    Sounds like lots of fun Catherine.

    May 21, 2015
    • catherineredford said:

      I love going to Market! I come back with so many ideas and inspiration…

      May 21, 2015

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