To Market, one last day and then home…

After packing up our room and checking out of the hotel Cheryl and I made our way across the SkyWalk one last time. Sometimes I think I might wear pedometer just to find out how far I walk at a show but then I think I’d have to wear it other days to when I’m at home and I don’t need to add to my feelings of guilt at my sedentary lifestyle…

Of course I could just start using the treadmill that’s gathering dust in the basement?

Oh well, back to the Convention Center. I promised some pictures of the booths.

This is Melody Miller’s Picnic line for Cotton+Steel.


And here are the girls of Cotton+Steel looking as cute as ever.


I had bought a fat quarter bundle of Honeymoon from Sarah Watts at Sample Spree and we had a laugh at my pronunciation of sloths … does it have an ‘e’ in the English spelling? Anyway I love the sloths in Sarah’s Lazy Day design.

Brenda Ratcliff’s booth for her new line of fabric, Pie Making Day, won a first place ribbon for Best Single Booth.


I found Lee Heinrich hanging out with Elizabeth Hartman in Elizabeth’s booth featuring the cutest animals…


This notice from Sandy Gervais announcing her newest line Prints Charming for Moda caught my eye.


Her lovely booth won the second place ribbon for best single booth.


Not too many pictures of the show floor? I used to take so many photographs but everyone’s taking them these days and I forget to take them myself…


I actually took the wheel for the first part of our trip home. There was a long detour to get out of town which made for an interesting experience in the rain, but eventually we found the open road. We switched drivers after three hours so I was able to record the beautiful sky with a few pictures.


No deep reds but some lovely pastel pinks and blues as the sun went down.


It was late by the time I got home so I didn’t unpack  until Monday. Here’s what I brought home with me…

What a lot of stuff! Fabric, thread, more fabric, more thread, some books, buttons, more fabric… and six bottles of Flatter… I have plans for most of it to be put into use quite soon. We’ll see?


  1. SheriB said:

    Oh, my goodness, what a trip. Thank you for the wonderful tour and great pictures. I am so enamored of The Pie Making Day stall! And what a delight to see Pepper Cory in an earlier post. And how have we lived without the Cotton+Steel women all our lives?! I loved tagging along for the ride. You have such a marvelous way of giving a virtual tour. (And sloth rhymes with quoth, yes?)

    May 22, 2015
    • catherineredford said:

      Thanks Sheri… I was beginning to question my pronunciation!

      May 22, 2015
  2. Kay Caragher said:

    Love your stuff…but what is Flatter? Thanks for sharing, the pictures are beautiful.

    May 22, 2015
    • catherineredford said:

      Flatter is a “starch free pressing spray”. I bought the scentless version. It makes quick work of the stubborn center crease that comes in fabric off a bolt. One bottle lasts a while but six will last even longer.

      May 22, 2015

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