Swap time with Naperville Modern Quilters!

It’s the time of year for gift swaps and it has become a tradition at Naperville Modern Quilters Guild to choose an item to make and trade each year. We’ve done mug rugs, candle mats, ornaments and this year it was time to exchange banners.

I didn’t get everyone’s name or who made what so, rather than miss someone out, I’ll just show the pictures.

If you bring a banner you take home a banner. It’s as simple as that. Everyone taking part gets a number. Numbers are distributed randomly on the swap items. On the signal you reach and receive the gift with your number on it. No stealing or grabbing. You can trade if you get your own but nobody did. It was all very civilized and polite!

Once everyone was sorted we did a mini show and tell.

This was a fun one to start with!
img_1250I think the recipient was pleased with this familiar looking one?img_1252Suitable for everyday in my life?img_1251This was such a pretty row of flags on baker’s twine.
img_1254More flags. These were bright on one side and Americana style on the other.img_1258This was the one I got. It came complete with a hanging rod. I don’t do a lot of paper piecing so I was well pleased. (picture taken at home because I didn’t get one at the meeting!)img_1274A patriotic banner.img_1260A long birthday banner.img_1261 Holiday flags this time.
img_1263Bright mittens on a string.img_1266And a modern ornament banner.img_1268Eleven members took part and I got pictures of them all!  We shared news and lots more show and tell. It was a fun evening, hosted once again at Gentler Times in Naperville. The group meets once a month and is always welcoming to new members and visitors. If you are in the area you really should check us out!