Stops on the way home.

I arranged to meet Melissa at the local Starbucks at ten-ish on Tuesday morning. It was a beautiful morning and I sat outside with a latte and pain au chocolat enjoying the sunshine and newspaper puzzles very happy with life.

We sat a while longer setting the world to rights before getting in the car and setting off on route. First stop was Inspired to Sew, not very far at all. I think I have been there before. It used to be called Pine Needles and I’m sure Sheila and I dropped in on one of our extended shop hops at the beginning of the century…

Inside is bright and airy with lots of fabric.

Bright solids,IMG_9528Low volume neutrals…IMG_9529Kaffe’s galore!IMG_9532The BERNINA Q24 was set up ready to stitch.IMG_9535A continuous loop of inspiration showed on the large screen.IMG_9534The current year’s Row by Row was on display just by the holiday groupings.IMG_9538There were two license plates on offer. I bought them both! Inspired to Sew is today’s featured image. That’s how I want people to go away after one of my lectures…

Here’s the second one.IMG_9635Cut Sew Smile. If cutting up perfectly good fabric and then stitching it back together again doesn’t make you smile, then what does?

I shocked myself by purchasing the kit to make the row of little houses. They remind me of the beach huts we saw in Felixstowe earlier this month. Cedar Rapids is a long way from the ocean but that’s OK?

Next stop was Delve MIY, Melissa’s second home!

Frond fabric everywhere.IMG_9546Mounted on canvas…IMG_9551Quilts on a bed,IMG_9549Cute dresses,IMG_9545I needed it all?

I restrained myself to just a small pile with a plan…

Melissa wrapped it so beautifully.IMG_9558Look what came home with me.IMG_9630That’s an over-dyed by Cherrywood teal bundle at the front. I hope I can bring myself to cut it up…

Time to say farewell to Melissa and head off by myself.

I had told Steve I would be home before him so I knew I had time for one more stop. I needed to make it a good one.

My trusty GPS made short work of tracking down Home Ec. Workshop in Iowa City. There was even a parking space at a meter not too far away! Still looking good.IMG_9566I had just missed Codie but I was well looked after and came out happy with two pieces of fabric.IMG_9632Doesn’t everybody need a piece of Cotton and Steel‘s City Maps? and more cute kitty-kats for Miss Ruby?

Now I really must head home. East on I-80, merge onto I-88… south on Naper Boulevard and there you have it!

Three fun stops on the way.

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