South to Nashville, Tennessee

I started writing this update on Saturday but life got in the way…

After a week at home it was definitely time to go visiting again. How about that new baby Redford in Tennessee?

Monday found me at Midway ready to board a flight. Jonathan met me outside the airport after my short flight to Nashville and in no time at all, here’s Lucy!!Lilly came home from day care. She’s now the big sister. We decided to go to the Nashville Zoo on Tuesday. Jonathan and Lauren have a family membership so it was not their first visit. However, everything was new to me. I had lots of opportunities to use my zoom lens! Please humor  my over sharing of pictures…

The blue parrots were very happy in  the sunshine.We could get up close and personal with the kangaroos. Lilly needed her dad to look after her.Alligator Cove… perhaps I’d have more luck with an alligator sighting than I’d had in Florida?Well, no! He was hiding… 🙁

Never mind. Now what was Lilly looking at?A big Andean bear!The meerkats posed for pictures.Oh! What’s this?Yes! We spotted the alligator through a side window into his pond 🙂

Let’s finish with the ring tailed lemurs?A quick lunch and then home before the rain started. An excellent morning was had by all… I’m not sure what Lucy thought, she slept all the way around.

A good grandma would have made Lucy a quilt? This not a good grandma… but she does have good friends and Sheila had made Lucy a lovely new quilt.You might think Lucy was smiling but really I caught the end of a yawn!

One more day away. Time for a gourmet donut and coffee. The research recommended Five Daughters Bakery , home of the 100 layer donut.We chose our donuts…and headed next door to Ugly Mugs for some fancy coffees.

Certainly not ugly!

Mine had a swan on top.Lauren had a tulip.So pretty. The coffee and donuts were a wonderful combination. I had a maple glazed. It was filled with a very tasty cream. Yum yum!

Just time to get some family pics before I needed to head back to the airport.

The start of a loving sister relationship?Such a cute family!I hope it didn’t take them all too long to get over grandma’s visit. She’ll be back with grandpa AND great grandpa in June.

And what was that life that got in the way?

The Kindler family were in town for the Memorial Day weekend. Ruby and Benjamin posed for one picture. They are cute too!

I really will get to some stitching very soon. I do have the June embroidered butterfly ready. I’m going to be working on my wool appliqué today. I promise!

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  1. kathleen sweet said:

    Children are like butterflies in that they are so beautiful and the time flies past so quickly. Thanks for sharing!

    May 31, 2018

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