June Butterflies

After getting myself in a bit of fix and not being ready on time last month I am pleased to have June’s butterfly ready for those of you that are keeping up…

In between all the family visits and trips around the countryside I have been making some time to stitch, so here it is without any further ado!

I used hand dyed #8 perle cotton from House of Embroidery, available from Akonye Kena, on a Kona cotton background. A chain stitch outline with added fly stitches, cross stitch, lazy daisies, french knots, whipped circles, satin stitch, stem stitch and a little running stitch fill. Can you find them all?

I do like taking arty shots from an angle…and here’s a close up of the top wing,and the bottom wing.If you prefer a pastel  palette, here’s one I stitched earlier!I finished my wool appliqué butterfly too. I simplified the design a little to make it easier to cut out and stitch. As usual I used the milled wool available from Sue Spargo’s on line store on a linen background. I used the matching Ellana threads for the whipstitch and several variegated Eleganza threads for the embroidery stitches.And an arty shot!You can appreciate the textures of the wool and threads in the close ups.What do you think? It’s been a bit hot here to spend too much time outside so it’s been excellent weather for stitching! I have even made a start on July’s butterfly…

Remember the designs are all available under the A Year of Butterflies at the top of the website. Just click on the design you need and it will come up ready to print. There have been a few brave stitchers that have posted their progress pictures on the Facebook group page. Take a look for further inspiration!

If you need a bit more help with your stitching I am now offering butterfly wool appliqué classes to your guild. I’m booked to teach the class at Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg in August. Details are on their website, accessible through the widget to the right of this post.


I’ve got a bit of an exciting day today… my friend Brenda is getting married to Sang and I’m officiating at the wedding this evening. It’s going to be a fun day!

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  1. Sandra Weimer said:

    Yummy colors!

    June 1, 2018

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