September? Zooming across the country.

Oops! Three weeks have whizzed by and now it’s September… how did that happen?

I am now officially back teaching coast to coast.

Of course, it’s via Zoom 🙂

My first class was on August 29th. I managed to persuade my chief technical advisor to join me. Julia helped me get everything set up.

I logged on in plenty of time for my lesson with Vermont Quilt Festival @home.  The three hours whizzed by with lots of stitching. Trista was an excellent moderator. We did manage a couple of group pictures before going our separate ways…Everyone made a good start, stitching on a batik mini panel from Turtle HandI’m hoping I will see some completed projects?

After all that assistance I was on my own with the Chisholm Trail Quilters Guild. We met for a lecture on the Tuesday morning and then I set up the next day for a Walking Foot Quilting class, machine and all…The guild supplied a moderator and Vicci did a great job of keeping the technical stuff in order. I use a webcam for my full view and my iPhone for the closeups. Everyone got a front row view in the comfort of their own homes. They did some great work.

Another screen shot was taken to record the day!
It’s not the same as being together in person, but that’s not going to happen, so we just need to make the most of what we can do.

AND the weekend just gone I taught the first three sessions of my Explorations of Folk Art Embroidery for STITCHES at home.

Several members of the five part workshop have taken classes with me before.  Students really do come from across the States… from California to New Jersey and Delaware! They were all still smiling after six hours together.

I have to admit that Julia did join me for the first session but then I was on my own… I hosted our sessions and everything. You really can teach an old lady new things? I’m looking forward to seeing everyone for the final two classes next Saturday.

I can’t write a blog post without a couple of family pictures…

Joanne brought Bonnie and Emily to visit and managed to overlap her visit with Julia’s family for an hour.

Girl’s picture time!!

Yes, that is the best we could do.

OK. The boys needed a picture! Jonathan was on FaceTime so we included him too.Last time I saw Joanne in real life was Christmas Eve last year! Bonnie was a couple of weeks old. The girls both did very well with their grandparents that they really don’t know very well.

Meanwhile, I have been stitching some new things.

How about some free form English paper piecing?
Once you’ve got the basics down you can stitch anything? My sample is made using Jane Sassaman’s new Hand Crafted Cottons from Free Spirit. I bought a fat quarter stack from Jane’s website shop. The colors are as saturated as they look and the fabrics have a lovely hand that worked well for my project. I think they will be great for embroidery too.

This morning I worked on putting kits together…

Not my most favorite thing to do but some things just need doing!

I have new classes booking all the time.

I’m teaching an Introduction to  Wool Appliqué class for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in October. It’s just three hours so it’s very reasonably priced! I am doing kits that include everything you need for the class to keep it very easy to join in! 

Here’s the link to the class if you want to know more… OSQE class

My classes at Pacific International Quilt Festival Online are now open for registration.

I’m teaching two all day classes and one half day one. Here’s the link to find more… PIQF classes

AND as if I could forget about it…

Dude emerged safely as a female Monarch butterfly. Should she now be known as Dudette?

The whole metamorphosis thing amazes me every time!

On that note… I received a box last Thursday. I knew what was in it but waited for Benjamin and Ruby before I opened it… We recorded the event. You can see the 3 minute movie on my Facebook (look in the box at the very top RHS of the page) and Instagram pages but here’s a screen shot …

Yes, Butterfly Stitches is now in the house! Publication is set for September 25th. You can order it wherever you usually buy your quilting and sewing books. IF you want to order it from the online behemoth I do have a button at the side. (it doesn’t cost you any more to use my affiliate link but I do make a few extra pennies)


Busy, busy… I’m getting ready for a road trip next week…