Salt Lake City, I’m on my way!

Well I’ve actually been here for a few days already but I’m playing catch up so I’m posting my very first impressions of the city today…

Southwest Airlines just have two direct flights to Salt Lake City out of Midway each day so we had to leave the house before six on Wednesday morning. My friend Tracy was on the same flight. Swinging past her house to pick her upon the way it felt good to have a travel companion! We met a few more friends at the gate so we were a very happy band of pilgrims on our way West.

The combination of the magic TSA-pre logo and Early Bird Check in is a great one and I was very happy on board our flight to find seats in the exit row. I have never sat in the window seat on that row before. The flight attendant had me try pulling the cover off from the emergency  door handle before set off… just slightly unnerving?

Coming in to SLC we crossed over one last mountain range. I have a lot of empathy for those early women pushing their handcarts towards their dream of reaching Zion. There was no paved road through the pass when they were traveling in the 1840’s… and a lot of hard work on the other side.IMG_6806The plane looped around to come in to the airport. Here is Salt Lake City with the lake in the background.
IMG_6835And as we came in closer…IMG_6842The lake is very big. I thought the combination of the haze above the water and the surrounding mountains gave a very biblical look beyond the industrial buildings?

It’s a short drive into town and our early flight and the time difference meant my hotel room at the Radisson wasn’t ready for check-in. Oh well, what’s a girl to do? I left my bags and set off to explore. The hotel is right next to the Salt Palace where Market was being set up. I wandered through there and got my bearings and then ventured across the street in to the City Creek Center.

The fountains were beautiful in the sunshine.IMG_6847The Temple was just visible beyond the trees.IMG_6849Time for lunch and I discovered my travel companions in the hotel restaurant. More fun with Tracy, Teri and Amanda. Just a little longer and my room was ready. I was so tired!! I thought I’d have a nap. I was asleep by four. I did wake up for a couple of hours, just long enough to catch the Survivor finale… yes I still watch Survivor!

And then it was the morning…

I can see the Capitol Building out of my window.IMG_6856Thursday morning, time to get ready for School House. That’s a story for another day.