Quilts and more quilts…

Pictures of the winning quilts in this year’s World of Beauty contest can be found in lots of places, including the International Quilt Association’s website, but the 350 or so finalists only make a fraction of all the quilts that were on display in Houston this year.

This was the third year I have been on faculty at Festival. The first year I had hurt my ankle before I even left my home so I really didn’t get much chance to walk around the show floor. Last year I tried to see some of the quilts but I had so many classes that I ran out of time… I was determined to pace myself this year, and make a real effort to appreciate the opportunity afforded to me to view some of the best quilts currently being made.

That being said, I probably managed to get around two thirds of the exhibits. I took lots of photographs, often in less than ideal conditions. The lighting is good for looking but not necessarily for greater pictures…

So, here are a few of my favorites.

I really liked this flower quilt, Receiving Grace, made by Elizabeth McDowell Heagy of Ontario, Canada.You can see the dimensional aspects better in this close-up.Laura Wasilowski’s quilts always make me smile. Windy City #3 was no exception.A beautiful wind chime display caught my attention every time I walked past. It was impossible to get a picture that does it justice. This quartet depicting Seasons by Carole Nicholas drifted on the breeze,Sue Spargo‘s exhibit of Creative Stitching was a joy to behold.

This is Indigo Vases,and here’s a close up of Sue’s Folk-Tails quilt.I’m glad we walked to the far corner to see the Van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge. Today’s featured image gives you some sort of an idea of the display.

Here’s Sheila getting a closer look at one section.This EPP quilt by Jenny Wagner caught my eye.The big stitch quilting in multiple colors really adds a sparkle!Yoko Saito’s beautiful hand made quilts were at the other end of the hall.

Here’s two detail pictures of her meticulous work.
Debbie Grifka’s quilt, Lines #1 was displayed in the Modern Quilt Guild exhibit. It was inspired by Debbie’s 100 day project which I enjoyed following last year.One last quilt finishes my rather eclectic selection…

This one was made by Denise Estavat from Haiti, If It Was Good Before It Remains Good.Looking to the future, I am exploring the possibility of a trip to Haiti next year… I’m not sure it’s all pink trucks and sunshine?

So much to see, so little time. Next year I think I should start looking at the exhibits while I’m at Market… that might mean a little less shopping?


I hope you have enjoyed my 2017 Market and Festival postings. I’ve been home over a week. I emptied my fourth suitcase this morning and I am desperately trying to clear up before the house gets cleaned tomorrow. We are looking forward to my dad’s arrival on Saturday and he’s going to need a bed to sleep in!

Meanwhile, I have been doing a little stitching. I have all sorts of plans for the New Year and just eight weeks before I start traveling again. Watch this space…



  1. lynn bourgeois said:

    Another fascinating post Catherine. Thank you. It is inspiring to see some of the quilts you’ve seen in your recent travels.It is such a clear depiction of the diversity in our craft. There is room for all. Have a great week.

    November 16, 2017
  2. Thanks, you reporting is almost as good as being there! Katie M

    November 16, 2017

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