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As you approach Golden you can’t help but notice the signs for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. It just so happens that the museum is less than two minutes from the studio where I was working so guess where I headed when we were done for the day on Tuesday?

The friendly lady in the store welcomed me in and I set off to look at the quilts.

There are two different exhibits currently on display.

The first one is AQSG’s Civil War Era quilts. That’s the American Quilt Study Group for those of you, like me, didn’t recognize the abbreviation.

The quilts were all made by different members of the group, inspired by their studies. The stories were posted with each quilt and certainly added to my enjoyment of the display.

This one is Walter C. Veasie made by Anne Sonner.
And here’s the story.I liked this one too, Louisa’s Hope bySherry Bulkhalter.Here is Sherry’s explanation.Just two of the quilts!

The quilts in the other room were completely different.

Quilts from Caohagan. I wrote about these quilts before, back in 2013, here.

Made on a small island in the Philippines, I still love these quilts. Here are two that particularly caught my eye.

Flowers Made with Rotary Cutters by Matea Manilag,
and Under the Sea by Jovencia Hoveng Abano.You can find out more about Caohagan on their website. You can even buy one if you need to own one yourself. I  bought one four years ago. This time I restricted myself to the book!

What a treat.

On Wednesday we worked really hard and I was only fit to go back to the hotel when we were done. But the team at F+W were so awesome that we were actually finished the shoot a whole half day early, which gave me a few hours yesterday to take a drive in to the town of Golden.

I’m so glad I did. The Hampton Inn was a great place to stay but it’s not exactly in the scenic part of town!

Golden welcomed me…I found a parking spot on the main street right near the Golden Quilt Company. It’s famed for having the largest collection of Kaffe Fasset fabrics in Colorado. There was a whole big room of them. I forgot to take any pictures but I did buy a three yard piece of something that I needed and will be using before the end of the year… really!

I went for a stroll along the river.I refrained from photographing the man in his inner tube enjoying the warm weather 🙂

The mountainous background certainly added to the general ambiance.I was not in Naperville any more.

There were sculptures all over town. This is Winter Wind on the Mesa, placed to honor the indigenous Native Americans of GoldenAnd here’s a bison, because everybody needs a picture of a bronze bison?So that was Golden.

I’m sitting at the gate at the airport right now but this morning I had a few hours to spare so I headed North to Boulder.

The mountains provided a great backdrop to my drive. I didn’t see the police car when I took this photo at a red light!
I was going to see Luana Rubin at equilter.com. I often see Luana at shows and we spent time together at Quilting Arts TV.

We went on a tour of the well stocked warehouse.Over 15000 bolts of fabric including a luscious wall of solids.There are all manner of notions and essentials of quilting, all ready for shipping around the world!

There is a large classroom area too, set up with chairs today,but with more than enough room for 25 machines AND eight irons…

There is even a piano ready to entertain you while you stitch.A class surrounded by all that fabric goodness? What do you think?

Luana continues to make beautiful quilts. She has a studio set up with lots of machines to choose from. Luana is a  BERNINA Ambassador like me, so they are all BERNINAS…She says her B790 is the one she uses most. She is currently mastering the embroidery module.She does have her personal stash.There was just time for a cup of coffee and a chat before I needed to leave for the airport. It was good to catch up and see Luana in her home!

So now it’s time to fly. It’s been a great trip. The grandchildren are coming tomorrow. I’m planning on sleeping well tonight 🙂


  1. Sue H said:

    Glad to see you made it to the RMQM & a trip about Golden. The Boulder trip was a bonus! It’s a beautiful part of our country, for sure!!

    September 2, 2017
  2. Kg Jamison said:

    Well that was nice. Thank you! Glad you had such a good time. I love your adventures.

    September 2, 2017

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