Putting the feed dogs down!

Seven ladies braved the cold and joined me at Quilters Quest in Woodridge last Saturday for my Machine Quilting 2 class. We started off with curvy lines, writing our names and the obligatory stipple before moving on to all manner of fill stitches, borders and even some feathers before home time. The five hours flew by and I hope everyone went home happy and ready to practice!!

Here are the ladies at work in the light filled classroom.

DSC07281 I always ask people to choose solid fabrics in their favorite color to stitch on. I like these purple, blue and green sandwiches!

DSC07282 The handouts serve as useful reminders when sketching.

DSC07283 Nice hand placement here,

DSC07291 and great progress on this sample!

DSC07292It was a super Saturday. Since then I have been stitching away on a couple of projects. Perhaps I’ll have something to show you soon?