Dreaming of Spring!

This potted daffodil is as close as I am getting to Spring right now but it is a good reminder of things to come…

DSC07329 Meanwhile I have been working on my Naperville Modern Quilt Guild challenge Modern in the City. I started with a photograph I took in Chicago,

DSC00010.JPGand played with it a little…

DSC00010I decided to go with a green theme and made this…

DSC07278 and a close-up.

DSC07280I heard some nice comments but I wasn’t really happy. The dark green was too dark, the light fabrics disappeared and there was something not quite right with the overall composition. When I’m teaching I always reassure students, “it’s only fabric, you can always make another one.” So I did!

DSC07342DSC07344Still green, but a different choice of fabrics and a slight change to the buildings in the middle. Lots of quilting, all completed with the walking foot. Now I’m happy… Spring in the City.

Yesterday I started a new project. Here’s a sneak peak…


(Clamshells from Paper Pieces)

And just in case you were worried I haven’t had time to see my grandchildren? Benjamin and Ruby came to see me last Friday.

Benjamin will now pose for a picture.

DSC07320Ruby? Not so much.

DSC07323That’s peanut butter on her face…


  1. Stephanie Rose said:

    I love your challenge quilt Catherine! I think the change in perspective looks great.

    February 25, 2014
  2. svetlana said:

    love your Chicago quilt. Looks fantastic

    March 5, 2014

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