Parcel Post

I don’t think it’s called Parcel Post in the US… but anyway, there was a parcel waiting for me   when I got home today. Whenever I spot a package on the doorstep I always have to play the guessing game to try and remember what it was I ordered this time…

It was postcards and magnets to go with my DVD!

Don’t they look grand all lined out for a photo op?


All ready for a little marketing activity! I don’t do mail order but I will have magnets, pins and postcards with me whenever I’m out and about…


Yesterday after having a first go at my paperwork I decided some knitting was in order. I’m working on a wrap for my travels. (There will be pictures eventually.)

I have lots of movies on my DVR that need watching so I have room to record all the new shows. We don’t like commercials in our house… I didn’t get too far with the first film before I got distracted but I did spot these buildings and stopped the player just long enough to take a snap…


Looks like a quilt to me!

Yes, it was the Hallmark Channel so you know she’s going to end up with the right man after a brief detour… Sometimes it’s just good to know up front that things are going to be alright in the end!

I bought soup ingredients this morning. Time to get chopping.