Out and about before I flew home!

My flight home wasn’t until three o’clock on Monday morning so Laura and I decided we had time for a little road trip!

We didn’t set off until a very civilized ten thirty so I had plenty of time to pack my bags and eat breakfast before we hit the road for Crookston, the home of This is Sew Broadway.

Remember Jenn? She was one of the vendors at the conference.img_0394-4Such a pretty shop.img_0399-4I do like displays although Jenn apologized she hadn’t had time to return everything to its rightful place after her weekend in Grand Forks.img_0396What was this by the door?img_0401-4I’d been there!

I found a license plate I needed….img_0441and some souvenirs of past Minnesota Shop Hops.img_0434We weren’t in North Dakota any more.

The sun was shining so I snapped a picture of Laura outside the store,img_0403-4

before I wandered up the street to take a few more pictures. img_0410-4Here’s Crookston Post Office,img_0411-4and the newspaper offices.img_0412-4There have already been frosts in town but this hardy geranium was still flowering in a tub on the street!img_0414-4Time to get back in Laura’s van.img_0415Laura has her own on-line business at myveryownquiltshop.com . She specializes in her favorite batiks. It keeps her very busy so it was very kind of her to take the day off to drive me around!

Off we went, on our way to the airport in Fargo, over the bridge…img_0418where we stopped to get a better view of the Red Lake River.img_0419Just an hour or so to the airport. We found a passer-by to take our picture.img_0423Can we just say it was windy?!!

A final shot out of the window as I took off.img_0426-4But where was Steve at O’Hare? Apparently he was in a meeting…

He did eventually turn up but without enough gas in the tank to get us home… We took an interesting route, avoiding the highway and looking for a gas station. We found one with less than ten miles to empty. Steve likes an adventure? We didn’t run out completely so what was the problem?

I’m just about ready to fly to Houston today. Just a few last minute odds and ends to throw in my suitcases. I’ve got three to check and one to carry on. Quilt Market and then twelve events at Festival are going to keep me busy.


Do you like today’s featured image? Seize the fabric indeed! License plate bought from Quilter’s Eden in East Grand Forks.



  1. Sue H said:

    “Carpe Fabric” — my new motto!!!

    October 27, 2016
  2. Sandy Hess said:

    Always enjoy seeing your adventures.

    October 27, 2016
  3. Alice Mattern said:

    It is generally always windy in North Dakota!

    October 27, 2016
  4. Helen Fox said:

    Loved my stay with Laura so all your photos brought back great memories of a trip to that quilt shop and more. Great fun

    October 27, 2016

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