More from International Quilt Festival/Chicago 2016

Friday morning’s class at Festival was Bold Hand Stitching as Your Quilting Line.

Today’s featured image shows about half of the class just getting ready to stitch. It was only a three hour class. By the time we’d had our introductions and demo, chosen motifs, and basted our pieces (a very important step) there wasn’t too long left to sit and stitch.

Here’s a woven  running stitch circle.IMG_6016

Two friends had the same block to stitch on.

This one is off to a good start with several circles of different threads and different length stitches,IMG_6020

while this one is going for concentric circles.IMG_6019

We had lots of threads to choose from. It was fun to watch everyone’s progress. Hand stitching can be a relaxing way to finish a quilt!

I couldn’t hang around at the end of the class because I was expected back in the teachers’ lounge to select my fabric for the Iron Quilter Challenge.

I was last to the table but I was very happy with the Paula Nadelstern line of fabric from Benartex.IMG_6021

No time to spend pondering because Open Studios awaited…IMG_6037

There really isn’t much time allowed between slots. People expect you to arrive, get set up and start in just a few minutes. There was quite a crowd for the whole time I was there.IMG_6034

Lots of hand motions helped my presentation…IMG_6042

I did do a little machine stitching, just to show I could.IMG_6054With that size crowd there isn’t too much point sitting at the machine for long because nobody can see what you are doing.

I took one picture from my side of the table before I was done. This was during my second lap!IMG_6058I didn’t have a moment to get bored. The two hours whizzed by and then I was packing up my stuff and heading back to the teacher’s lounge to get ready for the evening’s adventure.

I’ll tell you about that tomorrow…

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  1. Debi Winchester said:

    Glad to see you’re having so much fun!!!!!

    April 11, 2016

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