Monday in Houston

Wow! It’s been a busy week so I hope you will excuse my absence. My bags are packed and it’s almost time to check out of my room that’s been home for the past twelve days but first let’s play catch up…

Last Monday dawned early and just a little misty.img_0583Sheila flew into town on Sunday evening and we took it slowly until it was time to go down to choose my fabrics for the Iron Quilter Challenge. After a little to and fro-ing and pulling straws with Pam Holland, here are the fabrics I won for my team.img_0584A “selection” of fabrics from across the lines produced by Marcus!

Not a lot of time to ponder before I needed to get ready for my first class. Sheila helped with my samples for Walking Foot Quilting – Beyond the Ditch!img_0595I had a full class and everyone was ready to do some stitching. Looking right…img_0599 and to the left…img_0600We learnt straight lines, wavy lines, sharp points and, of course, super spirals…
img_0601Three hours certainly whizzes by when you are having fun!

And so to the Iron Quilter Challenge.

I gathered the troops and off we set. Past the already waiting line.img_0603Our fabrics were set up on stage. That’s a lot of door prizes waiting for some lucky winners.img_0604Time for a team picture. Left to right, me, Theresa Wardlow, Kelly Ashton, Karin Hellaby and of course Sheila!img_0611-2And then we were off.

Straight to cutting,img_0660Marking,img_0623Pressing,img_0652and lots of stitching.img_0626Sheila and Kelly kept those machines humming.

Blocks up on the design wall.
img_0670We need something more.

How about a racing strip of black and white squares?
img_0679Almost there.img_0682Last border on.img_0694Yes, those squares match in the middle!!img_0697Done, with two minutes to spare.img_0701Let’s see what the others have done.

Angotti’s Avengers with Charlotte Angotti,img_0702Pammie’s Possums with Pam Holland,img_0712Gyleen’s Take Five with Gyleen Fitzgerald,img_0709Caffrey’s Cohorts with Debby Caffrey,img_0705Redford’s Racersimg_0707 and Marti’s Cut-ups with Marti Michell.img_0703and the winners are…

Caffrey’s Cohorts!! img_0716Their quilt was so pretty and yet so graphic and looked to be very well stitched… Great job Caffrey’s Cohorts!

Go Redford’s Racers… Winning would have been sweet but we had a very fun evening.

There’s always next year?

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  1. Teresa said:

    Proud to have been a team member….. we were a fun team….lead by a Great Captain…

    November 7, 2016

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