Missions accomplished

Stephanie came over Friday evening to finish off the post-Thanksgiving Turkey Soup (mission accomplished) and to work on projects…

While I stitched my Rosalie Dace chloroplasts Steff worked on the first of a pair of Sharon Malec dogs she’s making for a friend…


With the aid of a little starch and white glue a dog came to life,


She seemed quite pleased with the result!


My chloroplasts progressed over the weekend. I got them finished in time for guild on Tuesday. I embroidered and beaded and finally bound them.


First there is a grey version with french knots, blanket, stem and seed stitches and a literal sprinkling of beads over the surface… I tipped them on and sewed them where they lay… 



And then a brown version with a beaded picot edge around the green shape and free form starburst embroidery…



I’ve got lots more ideas to take the chloroplast theme further… 


We enjoyed a visit from Judy Coates-Perez at the guild meeting. She talked about the inspiration and creation of  some of her prize winning painted whole cloth quilts. I’m looking forward to the workshop tomorrow. Perhaps I will enjoy painting, Judy certainly achieves great results.

Here she is with one of her quilts,


The details were amazing,



It’s always hard to follow a guest speaker like that but the quilters of Riverwalk never disappoint.  We had some wonderful show and tell including this pair of quilts that Linda Yokelson made for her young relatives. She’s a better aunt than me.


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  1. Linda Yokelson said:

    Thank you Catherine for your kind words and for posting these pictures of my niece’s quilts! They will be thrilled to see them on a web site. I didn’t take any pix myself, so this is nice to see. Thank you!

    April 14, 2009

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