Citizen Julia

Julia became a US citizen on Tuesday! We drove to Rockford for the ceremony and witnessed her making her declaration, along with more than 120 others…


There were people from 29 countries all joining the melting pot… 

She did a great job and got her certificate.


So now she can vote! We have two US citizens in the family now. (Three, if we are allowed to include Matt.)


Last night I was teaching a Reversible Quilt class from the book by Sharon Pederson (published by Martingale & Company). I needed to start a new one  to demonstrate the technique. In honor of Julia’s citizenship I decided I should  make one side “patriotic” and use some fabrics I have had in the drawer for a long time…


I have been clearing out my studio for the last couple of days and “found” a piece of Alexander Henry fabric I bought on my travels at least 8 years ago. There is enough of it to use as the focus fabric for the other side and I had no shortage of fabrics to use for the strips…


So that’s two blocks done, at least fourteen more to go!

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  1. Julia Kindler said:

    i feel so honored. 🙂

    December 7, 2008

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