Make It University X2 and other things

Saturday was a very good day at Quilt Festival… I started off slowly, arriving downstairs at 10.02 to go onto the show room floor, complete with my blinging lanyard around my neck… note Alzheimer’s pin and Power Quilt Challenge sticker…

Cheryl was all ready to go at Make It University. She did a fantastic job with her classroom of students who all went away with a working light up ATC. Meanwhile I put my name in the jars for the Sketchbook Challenge Round Robin at 1.15 and Surviving the Runway at 5.30. There was plenty of time to do some shopping before lunch and get back in time for the name drawing…

I was delighted to hear my name called and got ready to have some fun.

First up was a little water color with Jamie Fingal. My leaf needs a few more details but I was quite happy with it.

Then we moved onto monoprints on a gelatin plate with Leslie Tucker Jenison. Two papers and two fabrics in less than 15 minutes.

The third station was stacked journalling with Judi Hurwitt. It took me back to High School days, making layers of words in different colors and styles.

We finished up with Jane LaFazio and some continuous line sketches.

It took some serious concentration to stay on task but, combining the excellent faculty and a great goody bag to take home, it was a very good one hour!


I recovered with more retail therapy and a diet Coke before returning to the MIU area ready for Surviving the Runway! I hit the jackpot again when Pokey pulled my number and eagerly started on a hat fit for a Royal Wedding… or not…

Combining paper towels, fun foam, pompoms and pipe cleaners with a black plastic boater doesn’t really make for a high level of elegance or excellence but here is my effort…

I went with the theme of just my cup of tea and completed the ensemble with a fan held together with duct tape. After a few turns around the exhibition floor hiding behind that veil, my willingness to make a complete fool of myself was rewarded with first prize!!

There were four bundles of fabric from Hoffman Bali’s, DVD’s and books from Interweave, crystals and jewelry from Swarovski, a gift certificate from PRO Chemical and Dye and Heat Moldable Stamping foam … a very surfeit of riches…



Thank you everyone who voted for me… I will try and live up to your confidence in my creative and design skills…

We ended the day with barbecue and dancing at Gala on the Green, followed by drinks with Robbi Joy Eklow while people watching in the hotel bar… An excellent day indeed!


On Sunday morning I spent a few happy hours in the quilt exhibits… Beautiful quilts from talented artists, too many to mention by name. I took lots of pictures so I can continue to be inspired now I am back home.


The Super Shuttle arrived on time and took us on a scenic route back to Hobby Airport for our flight home. We manage to fit all our purchases (and other stuff) in our suitcases thanks to Cheryl’s generosity with the space in her bags…

My luggage included a small something for Benjamin (thanks to the super Super Shuttle!!),

and a new carry on for me… Thank you SouthWest Airlines for continuing to allow two checked bags free, allowing me to get my new embellisher machine home safely…


Booking for next year opens next week. Sounds like an idea!!



  1. Julia said:

    A Super Shuttle?! Benjamin will be so excited!

    November 12, 2011
  2. excellent time at festival. I’ll look forward to a review about your new embellisher 🙂

    November 12, 2011

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