Jennifer Chiaverini in Naperville

Life continues apace with me desperately trying to catch up.

You’ve got to know that there is something strange going on when you see me outside raking leaves at 8.30 in the morning… But there I was one morning this week, raking leaves for half an hour before I went out, which turned out to be a good thing because the City of Naperville had swept them all up by the time I returned at 11.


However, when I realized that Jennifer Chiaverini was coming to Naperville for a book signing at Anderson’s Book Store I made sure to adjust my schedule and be there!

I first met Jennifer at Paducah way back in 1999 when her first book The Quilter’s Apprentice had just been published and she didn’t know whether it would go to a paperback edition. Eighteen books later she was reading from The Wedding Quilt and graciously answering questions from the 50 or so ladies in attendance on Monday evening.

I got my book signed and Jennifer’s mom took a picture to record the event for posterity,

What a lovely time!


Meanwhile I have managed to find space for all my treasures from Houston. The second set of borders for Imperial Blooms are waiting for me on my desk downstairs. With a trip to Rockford planned for tomorrow and a weekend in Chicago booked they will just have to wait a little longer…