Lorraine’s finished embroidery

Whenever I teach I ask the students to send me pictures of finished projects related to the class. Occasionally I get an e-mail with a photograph attached…

Lorraine from East Bay Heritage Quilters sent me a message yesterday. She said she hadn’t done any embroidery since she was a child before she took the class last week. I just have to share her beautiful stitching..She said,

“I found a b/w image of a hamsa on the web, took a screenshot, enlarged the jpg to fit the page, printed it, cut out around the hamsa, and used that to draw an outline on my scrap of fabric.  The inside is free-form design. ”

Read more about hamsa on Wikipedia here.

I love it when people take what they learn in class and make it their own!


I’m in my hotel room at Rosemont ready for Quilt Festival starting tomorrow. I spent a few hours helping Richard get set up in the Akonye Kena booth (1245). I’m going to be there every day stitching. We have fabric and designs ready for attendees to have a go, using the wonderful House of Embroidery threads he has for sale in every weight and color you might possibly need.

Maybe I’ll see you soon?


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