July Butterfly

Yes, I know… I am a day late in adding my July design to our kaleidoscope of butterflies (and other flying creatures). Did you know that kaleidoscope is the proper name for a group of butterflies? I didn’t until I asked my good friend Mr. Google just a minute ago.

So now you will know the question when it comes up on Jeopardy!!

This month we have a moth inspired design.

Here it is, stitched, as alway, using hand dyed threads from House of Embroidery, available from Akonye Kena online.The outline is in chain stitch with some wrapping for embellishment. I also used fly stitch, buttonhole stitch, cross stitch, back stitch, french knots, and lazy daisies.

Here’s a couple of close ups…
I really thought I was on target to stitch my wool version but life got in the way. The appliqué is done and I have started the embroidery but it’s going to be a few more days until I have something to show you 🙁

(I’ll be catching you up on life in my next few blog posts but I thought I’d better add the design first?)

As always I’m asking you to download the designs from the Year of Butterflies tab up top. Just choose the design you want, click on it and it will come up ready to print and use. Please share your progress over at our facebook group, Catherine Redford: Year of Butterflies 2018

Happy stitching!