It’s a Wrap! International Quilt Festival 2022

It’s all over for another year!

More pictures…

Thursday morning found me back in the class room with every seat taken for some Dorset Feather Stitchery fun…

Everyone exhibited an admirable level of concentration…No class in the afternoon so I was able to go down and hang out in the Global Artisans booth.

Another full class on Friday morning, Walking Foot Quilting – Organic Curves and Super Spirals in the BERNINA room.

Look at all those pretty special edition Kaffe Fassett machines!
What a super irregular polygon spiral!And then back to the booth in the afternoon. I attended the SAQA reception in the evening and then went to dinner with Lisa Ellis and Claudia Simms which made for a lovely evening.

I was back in the booth on Saturday morning before going to the teacher’s lounge to eat my lunch. I met up with Jane Haworth and Julia McLeod. It was fun to catch up with two fellow expats!There were just a select few students in my last class of festival…Walking Foot Quilting – Take the Scenic Route, Add Hand Stitching. I think it’s a fun class? I have lots of samples 🙂And then back to the booth this morning. The Astros beat the Phillies last night (Saturday) and have a victory parade planned for tomorrow (Monday) so it was decided we should close at two to allow vendors to get out of the area before road closures started to come into effect. I helped tear down from 2 until 5.  Once there was only the heavy lifting to do, I bid Richard farewell (until Wednesday…) and came back to my room to pack my bags.

But I did promise pictures of the show floor?

I took a few photos through the “portholes” this morning before the show opened…

A general view of the quilts on display.And the vendor mall.Here’s the Global Artisans booth from above. Please note Flat Richard keeping an eye on things!There are always lots of pictures of the quilts all over Social Media if you care to go looking for them so I will finish with a snapshot of Richard showing a customer how to work the background stitch on her new painted needlepoint canvas.
We sold lots of needlepoint kits. It’s been a long time since I stitched any needlepoint… is it time to try again?

So now my bags are packed. I checked three 50 pound bags on the way here but I am going to be down to two on the way back. That’s a first for me. I have not replaced the kits and fun stuff that I sold in class with purchases… The wheels on one of my suitcases have been threatening to give way on the last few trips and there is a tear that’s been mended with duct tape. I really don’t feel too bad about leaving it in Houston. I bring an accurate luggage scale with me so I can go right up to the weight limit!!

I’ve ordered an Uber for the morning and double checked that the victory parade really isn’t going to stop me leaving town. I have allowed 5 hours to get to the airport and get to the gate. I should be home before too late tomorrow evening. I am home all day Tuesday and then I’ll be headed out again early Wednesday to go to STITCHES SoCal. If you are anywhere in the area it promises to be another good show. I am teaching two embroidery classes and two button classes.

The adventure continues.



  1. thered60 said:

    I’ve missed the last 3 shows. Hope to be back on track next year. You look younger every time I see you. You go girl! I’m a fan of everything you do.

    November 6, 2022
  2. Marian Sutton said:

    Your life is way too busy for me.

    November 7, 2022

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