In Print, modern patchwork spring 2016 edition

I don’t like making lists. They seem like another way of making me feel guilty and I can manage that without any help, thank you very much.

However, if I did make lists and I had a list of goals or dreams than I guess making the cover of a magazine would be on it…

When I saw an on-line survey soliciting reader preferences for the cover of modern patchwork a couple of months ago I had an inkling of things to come but I didn’t really believe it. Then I received the cover image for use as a widget, I began to think it might be true…

Now I have it in my hands!IMG_6517


And inside  on page 20?IMG_6506

Turn over the page.IMG_6509

I’m opposite Tula!!

As if that isn’t enough. In reviews,IMG_6511and on the inside of the back cover.IMG_6515



Coming back down to earth, I’m on the final stretch of that manuscript. I’m hoping to be done today… and then will come edits and rewrites and more edits… I had a little trouble with a corrupted file for a different project on Wednesday. Looking at a page of my hard work turned into gobbledegook wasn’t fun but Mr Google helped me retrieve most of it. I keep backing up the book on a USB stick almost every hour of work, just in case!

Speaking of work to be done…

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